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Applications for Marine Grade Plywood

Applications for Marine Grade Plywood

The Most common application of Marine Grade Plywood is for the building of Boats and Decks. However it can also be used for building areas which will be exposed to water at a variety of times, such as interior workings of cabinets that will be placed in Bathrooms or Ktichens.

Another Application use for Marine Grade Plywood is for making Docks and Platforsm which extend into the water or will be subject to constant activity from the water. It is usually a good idea then to construct these projects with a durable grade of plywood such as Marine Plywood. The benefit of using Marine Grade Plywood is that once complete they require very little weatherproofing to withstand the elements. If you were to use another material for building waterborne docks and platforms you will likely be required to sand and finish each year in order for them to maintain durability.

Marine grade plywood is a very essential construction material in all types of boats no matter if they are large boats or small boats. It is used also used for boat interiors from the cabinets to the bulkheads, kitchens and bathrooms. Because of their inherent stiffness, marine plywood panels are ideal components that will be stressed due to extreme or heavy structural loads. Large-displacement boats that spend all of their time in water at a dock or at sea are generally built from marine grade plywood.

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